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October 2012

Marriage is hard. You love this man and you vowed to spend your life with him- at least you did once upon a time. Today, well, today you are in the middle of marriage being hard and so much more than you had imagined it would be. Everyone hits rough spots occasionally; but, you seem to be in a perpetual hard time. Not only that- you have kids and a home to take care of on top it!

There are so many of us who think we’re the only one in this position and it just isn’t true. Growing in grace, growing through marriage, motherhood, and life all can happen even in the midst of marital turmoil; but, it will take effort and dedication…


A Wife Holding On…

Spring 2018

I’m Rebecca, and while I’m far from perfect, I am daily learning and growing. I grew up a “Christian” kid in that I went to church with my family on Sunday, served in church, participated in youth group- and lived however I wanted the rest of the week. That lead to a young pregnancy, a first marriage I jumped ship on when I felt it just got too hard, a quick jump into a new relationship and marriage, and realizing fairly quickly that there is no perfect union of two sinners. Marriage is hard and it always will be- but I’m still holding on and I pray you will too. Matthew 19:6 has been a lifeline here for me to hold on tight to God- and an exercise of trusting Him.

I am now a Christian wife and mother, homeschooling my three children, and feeling infinitely grateful for God’s grace. Our marriage is no fairy tale- it is a testament to God’s redeeming power, a sanctifying relationship, and a continually evolving union. Times of hardship aren’t over, but we’re further than we once were, and we’re trusting God to shepherd us on.

Wife Holding On began because I desired to share my heart for difficult marriages as a wife who was holding on through one; but, that isn’t where I want to leave it anymore. I have spent much time really agonizing over what I feel comfortable to share, what is potentially profitable to share, and what I can share that is honoring to God and respecting my family. I am sharing things I am learning in life as I grow in my faith in the hope of helping other wives learn to hold on to God especially in the hard seasons. While I am no expert, I am hoping that by sharing the hard parts of my life and my own growth I will encourage you to also choose to hold on to God and learn a few things along the way.

So, welcome to Wife Holding On, where I am going to just be honest about being a wife holding on. It isn’t all pretty- I am not a perfect wife and have a lot to learn, my husband isn’t all perfect and has a lot to learn too. However, we are loved and cared for by a perfect God. Everything and anything possible here is only because of a conscious choice laid on my heart to hold on to marriage, motherhood, and life- by holding on to God.

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