Blessed Thanksgiving 2018
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Blessed Thanksgiving 2018

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and what a wonderful day to gather and be thankful for all God has given, and all God hasn’t given, with friends and family. 

In our home, we have been remembering to be thankful with a “Thankful Tree” of simple construction paper taped to the wall. Having the kids sit and write or draw what they are thankful for has been a great blessing to me as I am reminded of things that I never even considered before. Simple things like “princesses exist” or “the time we went to the fair” are just not something I think about as highly, but to my children they are things that stand out and above the rest. 

Talking about being thankful has also opened my eyes to how deep our children really can go. “I am thankful that God is merciful” and “I am thankful I have parents who will discipline me when I sin” were not things I expected them to come up with, but both were mentioned in our talking about thankfulness this month. Faith like a child, I imagine, includes these deep truths and what a blessing to see my own children learning them and desiring to share them with each other. 

Unfortunately, getting together with family can also bring out the worst in us, and for some Thanksgiving is an incredibly stressful holiday. Some despise the commercialism of the season, some people can be difficult to be around for any number of reasons, and some simply have a hard time loving others. No matter the reason, or the person, it is important to remember that Thanksgiving, while a wonderful time to give God thanks and celebrate, is in truth just another day of the year. We should give God thanks every day of the year and in every season.  

Going to do something a little different today and simply leave you with a short prayer. 

Father, thank you for all that you have blessed each of us with this year. Thank you that we are loved perfectly by you, and that your love is such that even the hurtful parts of life can be used to draw us near and give you glory. Faith in Christ, our husbands, and our children are all blessings that we could never earn but that you graciously gave out of your great love. Help us to recognize your hand in our lives and to be thankful for all you do. Give us grace and discernment to see your hand in our lives and to respond in faith and thanksgiving.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

I'm Rebecca, a Christian, wife, and mother of three. I lived wrong for a long time, got pretty well slapped with the reality of how sanctifying marriage and motherhood are, and now I am hoping to help others to hold on to Jesus in all the hard parts of life.

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